September 12, 2011 Minutes

Meeting on September 12, 2011

(Awaiting approval)

Tom Fink, Debbie Murphy, Sharon Kaczmarczyk, Jean Fahey, Debbie Waithe, Cameron Blomdahl, Heather Swensen, Priscilla Bryant, Eric & Kathryn Nemes, Dana Soderby, Elaine Donoghue, Valerie Coyle, Margo Newcombe, Amy Larkin, John Watters, Scott Dalton, Jean Brennan, Eileen Reynolds, Steven Jones, Gretchen McPherson, and Katherine Joyce.

Meeting started at 6:02

Introduction by Tom Fink, SPA President

  • Agenda for events for coming year
  • Asked the group to consider who would replace him when he steps down after next year
  • SPA is in good shape financially, due in part to not sponsoring the After-Prom party last year
  • Sold a few thousand dollars worth of spirit cards at the Convocation this year

New Officers voted in

  • Eric Nemes, Vice President
  • Dana Soderby, Treasurer
  • Katherine Joyce, Secretary

New Committee Heads announced

  • Debbie Murphy volunteered to head up the Finance Committee
  • Deborah Kotchka and Sean Randall to co-chair Auction Committee
  • Jean Brennan and Sharon Kaczmarczyk will continue the Hospitality Committee

Update from Eric Heiser:

  • There are 215 students in Sturgis West, and 417 in Sturgis East with 3-4 spots left to fill
  • Camp Burgess for both schools went well
  • There are several big trips this year, including Quebec, Hondurus, Peru, and Italy.
  • CAS may plan a trip to South America this year
  • Open House coming up, with West at 6:45 on Sept. 21, and East at 6:45 on Sept. 22.
  • School photos are coming up soon
  • 25 principals from China will arrive on October 5
  • Positive news about MCAS coming soon
  • Eric will compile a list of financial requests from teachers and administrators for SPA funding

Update from the Treasurer:

  • Dana is just getting up to speed, and requested a few days to go over the paperwork, but stated that SPA is doing well financially

New business:

  • A motion to allocate $6,000 for teacher/administration financial requests was seconded and approved.  A Finance Committee was formed to decide on who would get assistance. This new committee will meet within the next few weeks.
  • Ideas flowed about ways to get parents and students together, including trivia nights and IB focused international themed events. The group decided to think about these further.
  • Motion to dismiss. Meeting ended at 7:21.

Upcoming meeting:

Monday, October 3, 2011. Will discuss fund allocation for teachers with input by the Finance Committee.

Minutes by Katherine Joyce.