September 10, 2012 Minutes

Attending that signed in:

Tom Fink, Alga Smith, Jen McNally, Dorothy Lindlau, Dana Soderberg, Bethanny Holbert-Catonia, Bob Shields, Lynda Sullivan, Katherine Joyce, Pamela Lopez, Debbie Murphy, Tara Yando-Torley, Anu Ghai, Eric Nemes, Margo Newcombe, Susan Byron, Patrick Machellan, Peter Goldberg, Sharon Kaczmarczyk, Catherine Thomas, Don Kochka, Angela Ackerman, Dessie Longinidis, Virginia Rogers, Debb Kochka, Jean Brennan, Leslie Milsted, Susan Gallagher, and Sean Randall.

Meeting started at 6:05

Eric Heiser Update:

  • Down to the wire opening West. The Tuesday before school started, the school was finally approved. The façade is still being worked on.
  • Eric tries to talk to students as they go to lunch, and he is encouraged that the students feel very positive about school this year. He is also hoping parents feel the same way.
  • Upcoming “school cultural” events include:
    • East 9th graders are going to Camp Burgess on 9/12, while West is going on 9/11.
    • Sturgis is going through charter renewal through the state from October 3-5, 2012. Four people will be spending time at both schools.
    • West Grand Opening is this Saturday, September15 from 1-3. A short ceremony will be held at 1:00.
    • Open House for West is on September 20th from 6:45 – 9:00PM. Parents will be able to meet teachers.
    • Open House for East is on September 27th.
    • A consultant from Springfield is looking at offering the IB and will be visiting Sturgis.
    • Sturgis has already hosted a principal from a school in East Switzerland.
    • Sturgis is also receiving calls from interested parties who would like to come to the school, but don’t realize that they need to be Massachusetts residents.
    • Hoping to have a directory of parents finished this fall. The “opt out” period is happening now.

President’s Report (Tom Fink):

  • Only SPA members will receive Sturgis directories. It’s $20 for a spirit card and membership.
  • Dana ordered Quickbooks to help with finances
  • Went over the budget. There is a positive cash flow of $32,000.
  • $2000 was collected from Spirit Cards
  • Went over the suggested recommendations for $12,105 for funding proposal.

Treasurer’s report (Dana):

September Proposed Funding:

Dana made a motion to pass. Eric Nemes seconded the motion. Discussion ensued, and the motion was unanimously passed.

Secretary (Katherine):

  • Will be working with Michele Colley regarding the Skype meetings.
  • Will be resigning the SPA secretary post to concentrate on the new Sturgis websites

East Hospitality:

  • Teacher breakfast
  • Will provide hospitality for teachers
  • Hyannis Christmas stroll – SPA does a nice presentation
  • International Arts Festival
  • Student testing (provides snacks & beverages)
  • Teacher Luncheon

West Hospitality:

  • Same as above
  • Thinks the Arts Festival may be separate this year

New Business:

  • A motion was made to have the meetings held in both schools alternately. The motion was passed. The next meeting will be at West.
  • A motion was made to set up term limits for SPA officers. The motion was seconded. Discussion ensued. The motion was denied.
  • A motion was made to have two vice presidents — one from each school. The motion was passed unanimously.

New officers were nominated and voted on:

President: Tom Fink

VPs: Eric Nemes, Dessie Longinidis

Secretary: Deb Murphy

Treasurer: Dana Soderberg

Tom Fink appointed Sean Randall as Auction Committee Chair.

Tom Fink appointed Dorothy Lindlau as Finance Committee Chair.


The auction will be April 6, 2013. It’s the first Saturday of the month. Look now for donations.

Minutes by Katherine Joyce