Sept. 8, 2014

(Awaiting approval)

Attending that signed in:

Sean Randall, Catherine Thomas, Theresa Colucci, Katherine Spencer Joyce, Elain Donaghue, Katie Curran, Libby Gibson, Andrea Foster, Dave Whitney, Karen Whitney, Nadine DeCasare, Christine Johnson-Staub, Brian Sullivan, Karen Burns, Diane McKenzie, Linda Saffle

Meeting started at 6:10

Welcome (President Sean Randall):

  • Sean welcomed the parents that have come tonight, and filled in the group on the officers and the hospitality chairs. Please refer to the About page for the list. He then went into the history of Sturgis Parents Association (SPA), and talked about the value of what each member of SPA brings. Each member has a say, so please be involved.

Headmaster’s Report (Eric Heiser):

  • The start of school has gone very smoothly, with no major glitches.
  • Major renovations on both buildings were done over the summer, including flooring, painting, and touch up work.
  • Heiser explained why West students are not allowed to cross West Main Street, which was mandated by the town. The Administration has asked that the student government see about what they can do to change that with the town.
  • Freshmen students from East and West went to Camp Burgess, a yearly tradition, which is the first time that students all get together to start building comaradarie.
  • Sturgis will celebrate national peace day on September 18.
  • Open Houses coming up. East is on Sept. 18 at 6:30. Parking is at a premium, so please consider alternatives. West is on Sept. 23. Extra parking will be at the Melody Tent. Students don’t typically come to this event.
  • There will be a parent/teacher conference later in the fall. Students are welcome.
  • There is an Activity Fair at Sturgis West, this Wednesday (Sept. 10) at lunch for students to sign up for clubs and service. A few groups will be demonstrating to attract new members.
  • 15 year olds took an OCD test (similar to a PISA exam), and the results are very good. If Sturgis were a country, we came in 2nd and 3rd in some subjects, which reflects much higher than the national average.
  • MCAS scores will come out in a week or so. They look better than they have in previous years. They will be mailed to the parents.

Funding Request (Sean Randall):

  • Discussed the history of our annual auction that helps support our students and faculty.
  • Every year SPA pays for 4 $500 scholarships for each campus, the Cotuit Center for the Arts, the hospitality committee, a $1,000 for the prom, and $1,500 for miscellaneous.
  • Last year SPA gave $20,000 for a STEM project, which resulted in a larger grant.
  • Every year, the administration presents a wish list, which we are looking over tonight.

Sean made a motion to give the school $20,000 to spend as they wish, leaving $3,000 left in the SPA account.

Discussion ensued.

Catherine Thomas seconded the motion.

Unanimously voted in favor.

Student guest speaker: Katie Curran

She is a junior to discuss The High School Diplomats program she attended at Princeton University. She wrote an article in Stormwatch for more information. Katie was the ONLY New England representative. She’s applying to go to Japan next year for a month, which is fully funded. She’d like to encourage students to apply, and current sophomores and juniors can apply. She describes it as an adventure every day. There are language classes such as Japanese, sushi making classes, singing in Japanese, just to name a few. Students that go to MUN would very much like this experience. There were some Japanese students who discussed their experiences near Fukushima, and others connected by being the grandchildren of WWII veterans. Web:

Treasurer’s report:

  • Cotuit Center of the Arts never sent a bill to us, so we didn’t pay. We believe we owe them $3,600. Sean will try and find out what’s going on. Catherine will find out if the Center has already been book.
  • There’s ~$4,000 that needs to be deposited, which will leave us ~$3,000 after paying the school $20,000 to fund various projects.
  • $16,000 has already been allocated
  • SPA is considering buying the snacks rather than trying to get parents to donate the items. Parent participation waned last year, which is why this is being considered. Discussion ensued.
  • Theresa discussed what Hospitality does throughout the year, including incoming placement test, poetry out loud, career day, beginning of the year teacher breakfast, the arts festival, among others. (KJ note: ask Theresa for a list) She sent around a sign up list

Membership update:

There is a continued effort to push for new members.

Facebook update – we set up a carpool group with 140 members which has been quite successful.



Auction is April 11, 2014.

Meeting adjourned at 7:31pm

Minutes by Katherine Spencer-Joyce