October 3, 2011 Minutes

Meeting on October 3, 2011

In attendance: Debbie Murphy, John Waters, Sharon Kaczmarczyk, Heather Swenson, Angela Hamway, Cameron Blamdahl, Elaine Donoghue, Paul Donoghue, Maureen Scozzari, Dorothy Lindlau, Rob Sequin, Bob Shiets, Jean Brennan, Tom Dauwalder, Diane Dauwalder, Andrea Bass, Julie Ann Munson, Stuart Thomas, Dana Soderberg, Sean Randall, Eric Nemes, and Katherine Joyce

Meeting started at 6:02

Last meeting discussion update

  • Minutes approved

Update from Peter Stedman

  • PSAT for 11th grade on October 12
  • Sturgis is participating in World Challenge for the second year in a year. This is on the homepage of Sturgis.
  • International Peace day was last week, and hundreds (600 kids?) of Sturgis students participated by playing soccer on the green.
  • Spirit week is the 24th-28th
  • MCAS results came out and Sturgis in #1 in Massachusetts
  • IB Scores also came out, and Sturgis had a 65% rate of students receiving the IB diploma
  • A Chinese delegation is coming to visit Sturgis to check out the school
  • Guest speaker from the College that Change Lives
  • Talked about sports
  • Progress reports are coming out, and parents will receive them on the 14th
  • West is having its parent/teacher conference on the 18th
  • East is having theirs in November
  • Sturgis is looking into sports
  • Board meetings are open to the public the 3rd Monday of the month
  • Construction of West Campus. Papers will hopefully be signed tomorrow, and ground may break in a few weeks.

Update from SPA President Tom Fink:

  • Tom suggested to Mr. Stedman that there be some kind of central location for raising money.
  • Tom announced that SPA now has space in Sturgis East to store items such as auction items and paper goods. Tom asked for donations of time, product, and special talents to build out the space. Tom will be working with the janitor.  Interested parents were to see him after the meeting.
  • SPA has ~$24,000 in the bank.
  • Still looking at past accounting.
    • May consider doing a Booster Club and may look into the interest of forming something. Angela Hamway, who works for a company that provides sportswear, asked to be part of it. Bob Sequin and Heather Swenson also volunteered.
    • Debbie asked the group what should be funded and we went through the list that was provided by Eric Heiser.  Much discussion ensued. Sean Randall motioned to pass the highest priority. The motion was seconded.
      • Date for Auction is set for March 31st
      • Still looking for location

Motion to dismiss. Meeting ended at 7:27.

Upcoming meetings:

November 7, 2011

December 5, 2011

Minutes by Katherine Joyce