October 1, 2012 Minutes


Attending that signed in:

Tom Fink, Annie Carr, Dorothy Lindlau, Dana Soderberg,  Pamela Lopez, Debbie Murphy,  Eric Nemes, Susan Byron,  Sharon Kaczmarczyk, Catherine Thomas,  Angela Ackerman, Dessie Longinidis, Virginia Rogers, Debb Kochka, Jean Brennan, Leslie Milsted,  Sean Randall, Donald Thompson, Mary-Beth McLaughlin, Kathy Nemes, Paula Sweetman, Linda Saffle, Debbie Wouthe, Christine Johnson-Staub

Meeting started at 6:05

Paul Marble Update:

    • Progress reports out in two weeks

President’s Report (Tom Fink):

Tom had nothing new to report

Treasurer’s report (Dana):

New memberships plus spirit cards

$300 new sales spirit cards at open house Tom and Sharon

Breakdown of expenses

Did not fund every request but will come back to issue during year

Afterprom- ??

This year’s auction expenses unknown

Cash from snacks is lucrative

Need to give library money raised at auction to school

Vice President=Dessie

Asking about  guides for SPA.

Deborah asking about printing.  Not for every family-just those who join SPA

Can be printed by town and apha

 Vice President  Eric Nemes—Keep track of funds being spent.

East Hospitality:

Christmas Stroll being planned

Halloween Stroll may be worked on this  year

Like a Block Party-face painting, food, coffee, tour of building, give away cookies, coffee..   carolers,    Hyannis Main Street Business Assoc.  Elizabeth Worthbaine  JFK building.

West Hospitality:

Met after regular meeting

New Business:

Concern at West as to where the West SPA is.  Explained how it is one, but we need to let people know how it works.
Dates for Cotuit Center for the Arts-need two dates for both schools due to space issues   $1500 per date in March.  Motion by Jean to fund the events. Seconded by Eric N.  All voted for by saying ‘aye”.
Suggested raising book funds at Christmas, Open House.

Clarified what “FundACause” was

Afterprom  East –some girls are interested in helping organizing the  AfterProm Outdoor seating needed at West.  Maybe students will raise the funds as their gift.

East is governed by different boards of health.  West not allowed to eat inside  on hallway floors.

West setting up Stop n Shop discounts.


Meeting after regular meeting November

Motion to dismiss at 7:12

Minutes by Debbie Luke Murphy