November 5, 2012 Meeting


Attending that signed in:

Tom Fink, Alga Smith, Jen McNally, Dorothy Lindlau, Dana Soderberg, Bethanny Holbert-Catonia, Bob Shields, Lynda Sullivan, Katherine Joyce, Pamela Lopez, Debbie Murphy, Tara Yando-Torley, Anu Ghai, Eric Nemes, Margo Newcombe, Susan Byron, Patrick Machellan, Peter Goldberg, Sharon Kaczmarczyk, Catherine Thomas, Don Kochka, Angela Ackerman, Dessie Longinidis, Virginia Rogers, Debb Kochka, Jean Brennan, Leslie Milsted, Susan Gallagher, Sean Randall.

Meeting started at 6:10

Officers were introduced

Eric Heiser Update:

  • Christmas Stroll –Arts dept, music getting ready.  Will have face-painting, crafts room.  Will be on both sides of the street.
  • Provided lunches company changed to Box Lunch-portion size better than other company
  • Spirit Week is this week-Nov 5-9.
  • West Dance had over 200 turn out
  • Chinese students will be visiting West this year
  • Rep Randy Hunt visiting
  • Parent teacher conferences Nov 19 12:30-4:00, 5:00-7:00
  • Information nights in December and January, Dec 17 in AM
  • Shadowing starting tomorrow Nov 6
  • Three new teachers hired

President’s Report (Tom Fink):

  • Tom gave us a tour of the student and teacher lounge to compare with West’s facilities
  • Tom would like us to all work together and pull off a more successful auction
  • Tom mentioned Driver’s Ed which he teaches.  Sign up soon.
  • Maybe involve SPA during Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Listed cash expenses and income
  • Dana brought up his concerns with the tension during the meetings.

Treasurer’s report (Dana):

  • Listed cash expenses and income
  • Dana brought up his concerns with the tension during the meetings.

Vice President-Dessie

Nothing to report

Secretary (Debbie):

  • Please provide me any info on committees after SPA meetings, and agenda items for next meeting

Vice President  Eric Niemes—

We are ready to move forward and work together

East Hospitality:

  • Christmas Stroll December  1.  SPA will provide sweets and hot      chocolate, coffee.  Need help from both East and West with setting up. Please contact Sharon K
  • The option of allowing  strollers to donate to SPA was discussed.   Provide information about the auction as a way to help the school

West Hospitality:

New Business:

2013 Auction

  • Saturday April 6th at  Conference Center
  • Entertainment–Video showing with kids and auction items, cork game,
  • Auction items will be on website
  • $25/person
  • Sponsorships from family businesses-finance some teacher tickets?

Meeting done at 6:55

Minutes by Debbie Luke Murphy