Nov 4, 2013 Minutes

Meeting opened at 6:04 PM

  • President’s Remarks

Sean Randall said we would have a quick meeting because of events at both East and West starting at 7:00.

Paul Marble

  • There will be a BOT staff update
  • East and West are having concurrent events
  • College Financing @ E
  • Wellness Sessions @ W
  • Science Dept Field/CAB work went very well largely due to grants      applied for by faculty
  • IB Art students will be going to the Boston MFA
  • IB Theatre kids got back from NYC 3 weeks ago
  • 30 colleges were represented at a lunch-time College Fair @ E 3 weeks ago
  • Report Cards going out Friday (they always like to try to get them out before a long weekend
  • Spirit Week just ended
  • Fiddler on the Roof performed by E & W Nov. 14, 15 and 16 @ Nauset Middle School
  • Enrolment Period beginning for prospective students (8th graders) on Dec. 2
  • Nov. 19 is Parent/Teacher Conference Day @ both campuses

Question: How did the Admin feel the dance went?

460 kids attended, phenomenal, everyone was happy with the way it went, Marsha Yalden did a great job organizing and running the event;

question now is: how many more? how frequently?  It was a trial homecoming – why homecoming? Kids wanted it.  They liked it and everyone had fun – well attended.  Games were very enjoyable.  There is a good relationship between schools. Good date for it – 6 weeks into the school year – a good time to connect E & W.

Sharon Kazmaryk  and Jenn Doherty are Social Chairs for E & W

  • Christmas Stroll in December  (7th?)– some volunteers have signed up, trying to get everyone involved to help, general email goes out about food, there are different kinds of jobs needing volunteers, BID runs the Stroll. Students in the Annex participate by offering face painting, community members stroll and sing carols, an abundance of food – cakes, cookies, homemade treats – are given away in the East Foyer. Good community Spirit – creates good will.  Event goes from 9 – 2.  At night, there is an event on the water with lights, etc.

Spirit Cards are available thanks to Teresa Colucci.

 Christine Jackson is organizing Parent Socials so parents can get together

  • Oct. – did 9th Grade Parents get together at The Belfry – 40 attended
  • Parents gathered at Tommy Doyle’s on HC Dance Night – small turnout from all grades
  • Trying to foster friendships between parents
  • Hoping to do a Mom’s Night to Decorate Boxwood Trees – open to all Moms, wine and light dinner and decorate trees – not a fundraiser
  • Please share announcements on Social Stuff

Auction – April 5th, 2014

  • Only complaint – new parents didn’t feel there was enough ‘social’ time for parents
  • Going to bundle Silent Auction Items and do less than 20
  • Try to get ‘pleasant distraction’ going during Silent Auction period
  • Use Bid Boards better
  • Entertainment – we do not want students there, we’ve had students, had singer, would be good to have a couple of stand-up comedians for 10 minutes each
  • Karaoke? Pay to make people sing?
  • Not married to anything
  • Ticket sales going well
  • Check in/check out goes well
  • $20,000 from last year went to STEM here
  • love some people to say, ‘I can do more.’
  • List of jobs tiny to longer, pre-planning to clean-up, a job for everyone – depending on talent and time – like doing inventory of items as they accumulate – email Catherine
  • Could get people to get Silent Auction items earlier
  • Could get more Corporate Sponsors
  • Could do sealed bid for Teacher’s Items
  • Do more with pictures and make better use of technology that the Conference Center has available