January 7, 2013


Attending that signed in:

Tom Fink, Cameron Blomdahl, Dana Soderberg, Katherine Joyce, Debbie Murphy, Eric Nemes, Patrick Machellan, Catherine Thomas, Angela Ackerman, Dessie Longinidis, Debb Kochka, Jean Brennan, Laurie Robert, Jennifer Doherty, Peter Stedman.

Meeting started at 6:02

Peter Stedman Update:

  • Ballroom Dancing classes at East beginning Wed. Jan 16 at 3:30
  • IPad and IPod lessons for East and West Saturday 11-2 at East
  • Spain trip in 2014 for East and West
  • Full diploma program: Commentary at Baptist church.  Recorded and sent to foreign country to be judged
  • Poetry out loud    Memorize and present
  • IB World Conference in Hong Kong for East and West Seniors
  • East and West dance January 25 at Cape Codder Resort
  • Theatre Guild Play   One act, 30 minutes competition  East
  • East  Theory of Knowledge Essay for Seniors.  Overseas grading
  • East Outing to NH
  • East and West Ecuador World Challenge   2 ½ weeks
  • West Prom Committee raised $200 with Polar Plunge
  • Mid Terms Tuesday January 16

Suggest jumping jacks before the test

President’s Report (Tom Fink):

  • East Lounge under discussion
  • TV Monitor at West being mounted to show activities 

Treasurer’s report (Dana):

  • $445 spent on gift cards to helpers of SPA
  • $1,550 paid to library for library books raised at auction
  • $3,600 paid for Arts Festival
  • Raised $330 through new memberships and snacks
  • Current cash balance $15,307

East Hospitality:

  • Jean made and gave baskets      to those helpful to SPA

New Business:

2013 Auction

  • Saturday April 6th at       Conference Center
  • Pursue businesses that may be closed now but will be open soon after auction
  • Auction items will be on website and Facebook
  • $25/person.  Considering how to charge Faculty
  • Seeking sponsorships from family and other businesses
  • Need committees for manning door, runners, setup, cleanup
  • Software same as last year so some of us already familiar
  • Will have staggered closings of different parts: live, silent
  • Will be a great night for East and West parents to get together and socialize
  • Possibly raise money for other Needs besides library

Meeting done at 7:00

Minutes by Debbie Luke Murphy