December 3, 2012 Meeting


Attending that signed in or known to be attending:

Tom Fink, Dorothy Lindlau, Dana Soderberg, Pamela Lopez, Debbie Luke Murphy,  Patrick Machellan,  Sharon Kaczmarczyk, David Kaczmarcyzyk, Catherine Thomas, Deborah  Kochka, Angela Ackerman, Dessie Longinidis, Sean Randall, Meredith Randall, Chris Bailey, Cameron Koesner-Blomdahl, Jennifer Doherty.

Meeting started at 6:10

An Agenda was handed out for the meeting.  Agenda items were requested through the website.  The following were suggested and put on the agenda:

View the Teachers’ Lounge

Establish an East Teachers’ Lounge Committee


Many went to view the West Teachers’ Lounge.  We noticed that the East Teachers’ Lounge needs updating.

A Committee is being set up to improve the East Teachers’ Lounge. Tom Fink nominated Paul Marble to be on the committee.  Another teacher would be necessary.

Tom Fink pointed out that the cheerleaders are reaching out to SPA for financial assistance.  Pat O’Kane spoke with some cheerleaders about it.


Angela Ackerman reported that they are starting fund raising


  • Sean Randall discussed the auction plans.
  • Sponsorships will be available for $250 which included many benefits      (see website)
  • A video will be created that includes school things and ads for sponsors.
  • Tickets will be $25 each
  • The SPAuction committee wants all ideas.  Please provide you email and they will contact you.
  • The Donation form is online.  Please fill it out including your name so committee can contact you for info is missing
  • Try to get an item rather than a gift card.  Be sure it will be exchangeable
  • Include any restrictions on the item
  • Great items are tickets to concerts, events, lottery tickets
  • Go to places at which you are a customer which will give you leverage


  •  In November the World Challenge Group met for their trip to Ecuador.  They had a scavenger hunt on Main St with both East and West.  Miss Wyman and Mr Mathews are involved
  • West Prom Committee  working on plans to fund raise including a polar plunge
  • There were 35 turkey  baskets created and donated to the Cape Cod Action Committee from Sturgis
  • Spanish Dept met in a  restaurant to practice Spanish
  • There will be a Czech trip in March, part of the IB World student conference
  • Enrollment starting for  the next school year.  Applications should be in soon for 8th graders, even if their sibling is in Sturgis now.
  • ½ day Friday. December 7, 2012
  • Progress reports will be issued December 14
  • East dance December 14
  • Ski and snowboard tgrip to Mt Sunapee coming up
  • Sean Randall asked about  East Wifi

Wifi doesn’t work everywhere.  This is a problem when part of the curriculum involves accessing the internet in the classroom.          According  to Mr Marble, East is working on it.  They bought two new servers and are working with a consultant.

West has microwave issues.  Paul Marble will look into it.

Deborah Kochka suggested having seniors speak at SPA re stress and issues of seniors who are working on the IB program.  The West students do not have upperclassmen to tell them about what is involved.

Meeting adjourned at 7:19 PM

Minutes by Debbie Luke Murphy