May 7, 2012 Minutes

Attending that signed in:

Sharon Kaczmarczyk, Sean Randall, Tom Fink, Debbie Murphy, Dana Soderberg, Dessie Longinidis, Angela Ackerman, and Katherine Joyce

Meeting started at 6:07

Minutes accepted

Peter Marble Update:

  • School mascot/name for West is the Navigators
  • West went on an outing adventure in the Adirondacks in the back country
  • MCAS for East/West coming up – Math  – Science is coming up next month
  • World Challenge trip  – East/West combining to go to Ecuador
    Only sophomores going into Junior year. 2 week trip.
  • The surveys have gone out to all parents. Please take it if you haven’t already.
  • 2 student conferences going on this summer. One is in Spain and the other is in Canada. IB students are charged with taking some kind of leadership back to their schools.
  • Senior week is coming up for East. Graduation rehearsal, a service day, and a fun day are coming up. The students do some work (like at the JFK museum) and then the next day they go to a museum free of charge.
  • IB exams have already begun for seniors
  • STAGE at West is putting on Country Gothic
  • Field day is 23rd  for West and 24th  for East
  • Academic Awards on the 24th
  • Bowling night for West coming up this Friday
  • The building is on time and under budget
  • Sports Banquet?
  • Teacher’s luncheon is the last day of school on the 12th of June
  • MCAS for West is 5,6 – East is just grade 9
  • New student testing is June 2
  • Graduation is June 3rd

President’s Report (Tom Fink):

  • There should be some consideration about what would happen if East and West SPAs are divided. There should be more participation from both sides. This is something we should discuss. West (Longinidis) feels that they didn’t feel that they knew what was going on.
  • Tom brought up the a fundraising opportunity called “Viridian.” They’re equivalent to Dominion. The bills are 20% lower and if you are from Sturgis, the school would receive $2 each month.
  • We will discuss

Treasurer’s report (Dana):

  • Paying for the photobooth for the prom – deposit put down
  • And then a couple hundred for the arts festival
  • The auction pulled in ~$19,000 after all bills were paid
  • We have just over $31,000 in the bank
  • June teacher’s luncheon coming up
  • Plus the testing breakfast
  • Scholarship $$ hasn’t quite been resolved yet


  • Hoping to get information from West to put in the committee area from website
  • Still need to talk to Amy Peterson about hooking up a system so that parents can remotely attend SPA meetings
  • The main Sturgis website will be redone this summer to reflect both East & West campuses

Finance Committee:

Debbie asked where the requests for money form is.

There was quite a bit of discussion about who should pay for the Arts Festival. Should the school pay for the rental of the building? Or should SPA take over?

Sean is going to talk to Eric about why the school doesn’t pay for the Arts Festival. What about the sports meeting? Tom suggested that SPA pay for the 725 fee for the facility.


  • Coming up is the June 2 testing. Coffee and snacks will be provided at both schools.
  • Teacher luncheon on the last day – there’s a little worry about people coming


Talked about opening up a store at West. The proceeds would go to activities and student accounts. There would be schools supplies, some clothing, car stickers, etc.  Offer an open mic night at West. A “cart idea” came up where a SPA/parent volunteer would sell the products out of the cart in the hallway. They want it to be a student-run store with parent supervision. The kids could get CAS credit for this as well. Dessie was wondering whether SPA would consider seed money.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm.