May 5, 2014

(Awaiting approval)

Attending that signed in:

Elaine Donoghue, Jean Brennan, Sean Randall, Katherine Joyce, Dana Soderberg, Jen Doherty, Theresa Cocci, Sharon & Dave K.

Everyone introduced themselves.

Meeting started at 6:03pm

Principal’s Report (Pete Stedeman):

  • Historic Day at Sturgis – First day of IB exams for West
  • East has their arts festival this weekend at the Cotuit Center for the Arts
  • West has theirs on the 17th
  • The Prom went really well, with a festive atmosphere
  • Many students went on school trips to many places such as Europe, Greece, and Spain
  • Graduation is May 31 – West is at 10, and East is at 1:30
  • Awards night is the end of April. 27th is East and 29th is West.
  • There will be senior activities including service activities
  • From Eric – Congratulations for the SPA success at the auction
  • May 23 is Field Day – will be sending out an email asking for donations for that day. East is on the fields of Pope John Paul and West is on campus.
  • June 7 – testing for East & West in the morning, requesting SPA support for coffee
  • June 18 is the last day of exams

SPA presented Pete Stedeman with an antique sextant. Will post photos.

President’s report (Sean Randall):

  • Returning officers. We’re a public school, and must follow those rules, albeit they’re relaxed. As long as we have good intent, there will be no problem with any laws. Catherine, Sean, and Katherine has expressed interest in returning as Vice President, President. Elaine has expressed interest in the Treasurer’s position. We’re looking for a Vice President for East, as Eric Nemes, as well as Hospitality for East. Kristine Jackson has thrown in her name for Vice President.
  • Sean contacted the Resort & Conference center. They will not reserve a room for us, so we need a backup plan. The Doubletree and Quality Inn were both brought up as possible spots.
  • SPA funding requests. SPA generally exists to help the students, teachers, and the school. Last year, SPA gave the STEM program 20k, and around ~6k on top of that. We also gave $7k to the sports, and $3k for the arts. Every year, Eric meets with the faculty and gives SPA a list.
  • We did very well at the auction. Still need to pay for the arts festival. Need to pay for the flip-books (flip-chix) at the prom.
  • Dana has a few more hours of work left on QuickBooks and then will pass off the files to the next Treasurer
  • Dana expressed the fact that he has enjoyed being the treasurer for SPA for the last 3 years. He’s ready to pass the baton.

Hospitality report (Sharon Kaczmarczyk)

  • The Spring on Main was Saturday, and everything went well. There wasn’t a lot of participation by students because of SATs, the prom, and other considerations.
  • East Arts Festival is this Saturday. Hospitality will be there at 9:30. It’s an international luncheon. We’re looking for help.
  • Testing breakfast for incoming students coming up
  • Teacher’s luncheon coming up on June 18
  • Deb Booth suggested that doing something online about reminders for volunteering where they sign up
  • Snacks were brought up again, and Sean and Jean will investigate how to move forward.

Meeting adjourned at 7:10pm


Minutes by Katherine Spencer-Joyce