May 4, 2015

(Awaiting approval)


Elaine Donoghue, Theresa Colucci, Katherine Spencer Joyce

Meeting started at 6:00

Jen’s Report:

  • New roof at East! Is happening over the weekends.
  • Last day of school is the 18th. June 15-18 is finals.
  • May 30th East is at 10am and West is at 2pm
  • IB Exams started today
  • Field day is Thursday, May 21st for East and 22nd for West
  • Senior week is the following week. 1st day is Camp Burgess, then the Senior trip, Senior service day on Thursday, and then Friday is rehearsal for Graduation
  • Prom tickets went on sale on Friday. East Prom is 23rd. West is 24th
  • West Arts Festival is the 9th, and East is the 16th
  • Awards night is the 26th for East at the Conference center and West is the 28th at the Cape Codder. Both are at 6:30
  • June 6th is placement tests for incoming freshmen

New Business:

Discussion about the open slate for Treasurer and West Hospitality. Voting will take place on June 2.


  • Spring on Main – Theresa believes that the announcement came out a little too late, as there were a few no shows and not as much food and drink. A lot of people were out and about and there was a lot of interest in the school.
  • Notices have gone out to parents to help with food for East and West Arts Festival.
  • A few parents from West are needed for June 6 testing. We provide coffee and food for the parents and discuss SPA as well.
  • Teacher appreciation is June 15th. Perfect Potluck will be sent out the first week of June.


  • Still finalizing the numbers, and still waiting for a few checks.

Meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm


Minutes by Katherine Spencer-Joyce