March 5, 2012 Minutes

Meeting on March 5

(Awaiting approval)

Attending that signed in:

Dessie Longidis, Angela Ackerman, Dana Soderberg, David K, Debbie Murphy, Beverly Moller, Jean Brennan, Tom Fink

Auction discussion:

  • We agreed there are many ways to improve the auction for next year
  • We will try to meet next week to “debrief”
  • The auction grossed approx $27,000 and netted approximately $21-22,000.

After Prom:

  • Tom will pursue.  He spoke with Divya and Paul
  • Deposit w/ Ryan Amusement-non refundable but Tom will speak with them.  Tom said maybe the event could be moved “next door”
  • Dave asked if SPA needs liability insurance since we are sponsors
  • Band?  DJ?


  • Maybe SPA could provide a directory with their paid membership in SPA?
  • West already is in process of creating a directory


  • Dessie suggested West parents join committees in SPA.
  • West could create their own Spirit cards when they move-with vendors closer to new location


  • Do we want competition between schools?  Rivalry?
  • Debbie mentioned that she found it uncomfortable when JV basketball played each other-West was very loud cheering and East quieter.
  • Tennis may be combined as there are only 2 students at West, according to Angela, who are signed up. Debbie said she would contact Mr O’Kane regarding tennis and how it is being handled and mention court Dessie offered on her property.
  • Lacrosse will be combined.
  • Where is West winter athletics banquet?
  • Angela would like to correspond with Eric Nemes re Booster sports committee. She was informed that his email can be found on website.
  • She is handling sports issues at West.


The Theatre dept has no empty place to practice as locations nearby are all in use.


Minutes by Debbie Murphy