March 3, 2014

(Awaiting approval)

Attending that signed in:

Elaine Donoghue, Catherine Thomas, Debbie Murphy, Jean Brennan, Nancy Gaudet-Aitanietti, Sharon Kaczmarczyk, Jean Brennan, Andrea Wood, Deb Booth, Theresa Collucci, David Kaczmarczyk, Kathy Nemes, Eric Nemes, Sean Randall, Angela Ackerman, Kristine Jackson, Pat Gerrior, Gordon Waring, Heather Swenson, Katherine Joyce

Everyone introduced themselves.

Meeting started at 6:05pm

Principal’s Report (Pete Stedeman):

  • New West principal, Jennifer Kirk, introduced herself and gave a brief bio
  • The extended essays have been handed in on both campuses. Next month, the administration may share topics
  • The East drama club is moving forward to the semifinals for state
  • West went on a ski trip, went to Michigan for Habitat for Humanity, and a trip to Florida.
  • There are about 700 students on the waiting list.
  • Progress reports went out on Friday
  • Last Thursday the Coffee House at West had a wonderful turnout. There is a movement to do this again at East.
  • This Friday is a half day. Teachers are doing professional development, which includes grading extended essays
  • Sturgis United – a dodgeball game between East & West students
  • National Latin exam is next week. Tests will be sent off next week.
  • 18th,19th, & 21st is MCAS
  • There is a college meeting for parents of Juniors tonight at 7
  • Course selection sheets are due on April 1 for Freshmen, Sophomores & Juniors. Upperclassmen will be advising underclassmen about classes.
  • Model UN is heading to NYC next Wednesday
  • Sturgis has asked to allow for 50 more students next year and is waiting for an answer.

Dave K. asked about tuition reimbursement from each town to Sturgis. The answer is complicated because of school choice and the vocational schools. There was a ten minute discussion concerning this issue.

President’s report (Sean Randall):

  • Minutes were approved for both January & February
  • Dana did a little work for credit card payments through Sturgis’ main Paypal
  • Paid a couple more scholarships out
  • The minutes were submitted and approved
  • Marion Weeks agreed to help promote the SPA auction
  • We need to focus on selling tickets and getting the money for it.
  • Sean mentioned that we should focus on trying to get at least 4 people to go
  • Sean will be sending out a featured auction item of the week.
  • Sean is getting some framed memorabilia of unique photos of and signed by Reagan and Gorbachov. They’ll be sent out next week.
  • Sean asked Katherine S.J. to coordinate with Marion Weeks on sending information to the Alumni.
  • Monday, March 10, 2014 is the next meeting at Bobby Byrnes in Sandwich at 6:00pm
  • Catherine went through a list of items that were donated last year, and asked if people would help track down and perhaps get them to donate again

Hospitality report (Sharon Kaczmarczyk)

  • The Coffee House was a great success, but there weren’t a lot of donations for goods.
  • Saturday, April 26 is Spring on Main. This is similar to the Christmas Stroll.
  • May 11 & May 17 for Arts Festival


There is a motion for SPA to pay for snacks. Historically SPA will ask parents for food/snack donations, but West in particular runs out of snacks. This discussion is tabled until after the auction.

Meeting over at 7:23pm

Minutes by Katherine Spencer-Joyce