March 2, 2015

(Awaiting approval)

Attending that signed in:

Sean Randall, Theresa Colucci, Katherine Spencer Joyce, Catherine Thomas, Christine Johnson Staub, Deb Booth


Meeting started at 6:00


Welcome (President Sean Randall):

Old Business:

Jan. 12 meeting minutes approved

Donation from Katie Curran was designated to SPA, and SPA wrote a check to the English Department for a writer’s workshop.

New Business:

Catherine brought up the Parent Social similar to last year’s event at Sam Diego’s. Discussion ensued about a location close to the Conference Center where the next dance. The group decided that Kristine may want to consider a place such as the BBC for the next social.


  • How many tickets should we print? 100? Yes, the decision was made to print 100 and print more if necessary.
  • The flyer is completed.
  • Deb Booth will do the booklet again. Katherine will create the program cover.
  • Catherine has already added a lot of items to the Auction Catalog site.
  • Sean recommended doing the third row graduation seats as a sealed bid item, and then have the second row as a live item.
  • Catherine mentioned that K. Conlon, a writer and staff member, will auction off a character for her next book.
  • Sean wondered who was getting the pizza for a year.
  • Hannoush will donate at least 5 items.
  • Theresa will be calling the town captains
  • Driver training class? Theresa mentioned that she’s got a family friend at Professional Driving. Grand Prix was a large donor last year, so we’ll pursue that angle.
  • Fondue dinner? Sean will call Ruby.
  • Catherine is looking into getting a chef again.
  • Bob Sheils donated the fishing trip.
  • Week in Florida?
  • Cabin in NH? Dedecko? Sean will call.
  • Katherine will update the websites, including SPA, the Catalog site, and the FB sites
  • Dinner with Vinny Demacedo (sp?). Sean will look into it.
  • Numbers for Falmouth Road Race – 4 guaranteed bib, plus gift certificates, like a massage, shoe store, etc.
  • Bid board volunteers are all set
  • There will be 9 tables of 10 to offer. Now is the time to get people to buy these, so we brainstormed about who to call.


  • Deb B. mentioned that it would be best to solicit food for the Arts Festival AFTER the Auction so that parents can pay a little more attention.

Meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm


Minutes by Katherine Spencer-Joyce