June 6, 2011 Minutes

Sturgis Parent Association Meeting Minutes – June 6, 2011

In attendance: Tom Fink, President, Kathy Nemes, Debbie Waithe, Sharon Kaczmarczyk, Sean Randall, Jean Brennan, Jacqueline Sullivan, and Katherine Joyce.

Last meeting discussion update

  • Talked about the success of the auction. Looking ahead at officers.

Update from Eric Heiser

  • •June 4th placement tests: There were double the number of students taking placement tests than in previous years, as well as a huge turnout of new parents. There was coffee, treats, socializing, and questions answered. Students signed up for sports, band, string instrument, etc.
  • Most incoming 10th graders will come in this Saturday, June 11th for placement tests as well. Eric inquired about members of SPA coming back to talk to future parents about becoming members of SPA.
  • Graduation was last Saturday, and was a wonderful bonding experience on a beautiful day. There was a write up in the Cape Cod Times.
  • Final exams start this Friday.
  • SPA sponsors the Hyannis Sound, and they’re doing a concert here on Wednesday.
  • There will be 5 awards from SPA to be given out in January.
  • There are a lot of students that will studying abroad next year, and many more wish to do so.

Update from Tom Fink as Treasurer:

  • SPA has ~$20,000 in the bank. Tom suggested giving a generous gift to the school. Tom would like to keep ~$8,000 in the SPA’s budget. When considering how to spend the SPA money, Tom suggested spending some money on uniforms. He compared us to other schools, and we don’t look as good as they do. He suggested a few thousand towards uniforms.
  • Sean Randall suggested that we ask for ideas on how we spend money, and should have people ask for money more formally. Eric said he would send out a request for proposals.
  • Eric mentioned Sturgis could use a couple of more Smart Boards… But they’re expensive, about $4,000 each. Sturgis is testing a few other technologies to see if there’s something close to the SmartBoard that’s less expensive.
  • Sean Randall says he’d like to formally allocate money to the scholarships, and Jean Brennan seconded that. ALL are in favor of the scholarship.
  • Asked about vehicles. Sturgis has one van. Tom mentioned that he’s working on a dealership that may help/and/or donate a vehicle. Everyone agrees that it’s a good idea to lease a van. 12 passenger van would be ideal.
  • The question was raised about whether or not there should be 2 SPAs. For now, it has been decided that we’ll have ONE for now, and see how things go.
  •  It was brought up whether there would be any “space” for SPA in the future. There will be a space for storage, but not necessarily for office space.

Auction update from Sean Randall

  • Money is still coming in, and the auction was extremely successful. There was a discussion that a larger venue will be needed for next year, and this process is underway. Next year’s auction will probably take place towards the end of April, 2012. The volunteers that did critical parts of the auction have all agreed to come back. The committee is looking into ways to improve the auction, both in terms of items and how it is run.
  • Sean suggested one way to improve would be to purchase auction software. Jacqueline Sullivan said that she looked into some software, and it was determined that Sean and Jacqueline would look into the software.


  • Sean suggest that Tom Fink remain president. All agreed.
  • SPA still needs a treasure and vice-president. Eric Nemes was nominated as Vice President by Kathy Nemes.

SPA membership issues

  • There was discussion about ways to get greater attendance at the meetings. Katherine Joyce will look into electronic methods of distance communications. There was also discussions about having “town parents.” There was also discussion about having the SPA meetings in different locations.

Motion to dismiss. Meeting ended at 7:05.

Upcoming meetings:
TBA in July to discuss the Auction
August 1: Convocation (Strawberry Social).

Minutes by Katherine Joyce