June 5, 2012 Minutes

Attending that signed in:

Sharon Kaczmarczyk, Gail Agneta, Dorothy Lindlau, Debbie Murphy, Dessie Longinidis, Angela Ackerman, Dana Soderberg, Jean Brennan, and Katherine Joyce.

Meeting started at 6:09

Minutes accepted unanimously

Eric Heiser Update:

  • There were about 15-20 requests to SPA on what kind of money is available in the budget.  The administration is looking it over, but will wait to give recommendations once they know what kind of money they’re working with.
  • The graduation tent was standing room only.  Students receive 6 tickets per family, but many more came. There were 92 graduates. Jim Burasso and Arthur Ponce were chosen to speak at the graduation. (check spelling). “Live for the moment, because your 3,000 friends on Facebook can live without you for a few hours.”
  • MCAS Math was completed, and MCAS Science is tomorrow, May 5. Final exams start on Thursday.
  • West building is 80% placed. Not finished, but placed. Electricians and plumbers were in the building today.
  • State representatives coming to visit, Cleon Turner and David Viera. The Charter School Association has asked Sturgis to invite representatives to visit so Sturgis can talk about how we work. Students also have a chance to share their experience. Sarah Peake & Dan Wolf will also be coming. Therese Murray will be coming in September.
  • Had a successful career day at Sturgis East last week, including a few alumni scientists. Sturgis tries to do this every 2-3 years.
  • Award Ceremonies were last week for both East & West. It was a nice gathering for both campuses.
  • Placement tests were this past Saturday at both East & West. Eric thanked Sharon Kaczmarczyk, Desi (find out last name), and Jean Brennan.
  • Dana Soderberg inquired about the issue with Mashpee’s school committee member’s accusations regarding Sturgis and whether Sturgis will do anything to rebut them. Eric felt that his response was enough and that the school administration has enough to do.
  • Tom asked if Sturgis will spend $$ on East improvements, and he said that after December that Sturgis will put priority towards that.

President’s Report (Tom Fink):

  • It was decided that SPA will hold its first meeting August 6. The meetings will be held alternately at each campus.
  • Tom will take care of the Sports Banquet in terms of hospitality.
  • Tom asked Katherine to put out a letter to the parents about voting in members to the SPA offices. A Call for Nominations will be sent out to all parents.

Treasurer’s report (Dana):

  • After considering income/expenses, it has been decided that SPA can safely spend $8,000 on items that the administration asks. Eric Hieser will send the requests to the SPA Finance Committee and they will then decide to fund projects.
  • As of June 4, 2012, there is $31,875.90 in the SPA bank account. There are still outstanding bills to be paid, including scholarships.
  • Looked into having Skype video conferences so that more parents can participate in the meetings. It may cost roughly 5.00 a month.

Secretary (Katherine):

  • Looked into having Skype video conferences so that more parents can participate in the meetings. It may cost roughly 5.00 a month. This should hopefully be ready to happen by the first or second meeting next year.
  • Sturgis is updating their website so that Sturgis has a main website presence that has general information about the schools, and will have both East & West that will have separated information for each.


  • The teacher’s luncheon is this Friday.  Sharon put out a request for parents to volunteer side dishes.
  • West’s hospitality is doing great.

Motion to adjourn at 7:50pm