June 2, 2014

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Attending that signed in:

Sean Randall, Catherine Thomas, Sharon K., Theresa Colucci, Kristine Jackson, Katherine Spencer Joyce


Meeting started at 6:03pm

Headmaster’s Report (Eric Heiser):

  • The graduation was a beautiful day. 83 graduates from West, and 104 from East.
  • Placement testing is this Saturday at each campus at 8:30. This is typically a good recruiting tool for new parents to join SPA.
  • Harvard researchers were here in mid-May, writing a book on deeper learning. They are looking at using how Sturgis uses the IB program. They also gave ideas about how to enhance learning here, and to keep expanding ways to learn more.
  • There were visitors from the Metropolitan Learning Center from CT. They’re considering doing IB for all. 5 administrators came to learn more about Sturgis.
  • Sturgis has 17 IB examiners between the two schools, which puts us in a nice position as leaders.
  • 1st visit from Sandwich High School will be visiting Sturgis soon. They’re interested in how to create a vibrant and inclusive school culture.
  • Teachers and administration are trying to put in funding requests to SPA within a week or two.
  • There will be a few more new staff coming in because of retirements.
  • Heiser expressed his appreciation for everything that SPA does for the staff and the students.
  • There is a staff luncheon on June 18 at both campuses, which SPA will support. There are roughly 45-50 staff.



  • Sean is looking into asking Mark Kennen, President of the Massachusetts Charter School to talk to the parents. Eric suggested that we invite him to the Convocation.
  • Sean mentioned that people were curious to know where students will be going to college. Perhaps we could add it to the program?


President’s report (Sean Randall):

  • East paid for FlipChix, and there were several people that complained that the ladies were rude. They are going out of business, so they referred us to someone else.


2014-2015 Officers

Catherine made a motion to accept the slate. Theresa seconded. The slate was voted unanimously.

  • President: Sean Randall
  • VP West: Catherine Thomas
  • VP East: Kristine Jackson
  • Treasurer: Elaine Donaghue
  • Clerk/Secretary: Katherine Spencer Joyce
  • Hospitality East: Theresa Collucci
  • Hospitality West: Jen Doherty

Hospitality report (Sharon Kaczmarczyk)

  • Sharon suggested that we get a sculpture of a sextant for both the schools and also bring it to graduation to display as decoration.
  • SPA got flowers from Country Garden for graduation. There was discussion about getting some flowers to rent next year, or getting Country Garden to donate or become a sponsor.





Meeting adjourned at 7:15pm


Minutes by Katherine Spencer-Joyce