January 9, 2012 Minutes

Meeting on January 9

(Awaiting approval)

In attendance: Tom Fink, John Watters, Sharon Kaczmarczyk, David Kaczmarczyk, Cameron Blamdahl, Elaine Donoghue, Paul Donoghue, Dorothy Lindlau, Jean Brennan, Aylin Umel, Dana Soderberg, Andrea Bass, Kristin Lind, Gretchen McPherson, Sean Randall, and Katherine Joyce

Meeting started at 6:00

Last meeting discussion update

  • Minutes accepted

Update from the After Prom Committee

Advisor for After Prom Committee came to talk about the event. Need $4k. Ryan’s is asking for $1k deposit. Haven’t started fundraising yet, but plan to.

After some discussion, SPA has decided to fund half of the after-prom, with the hopes that the students will help with the auction.

Update from Paul Marble

West news:

  • Parent wants to do a brick fundraiser.
  • Carolin Lee accompanied students to BU. Responsible for overseeing a large turnout at a dance.
  • Nixon continues to make money for nonprofit
  • Pam Burke – guidance met with students about PSAT

East news:

  • Grants – M. Darby was granted $450 grant. Duntly awarded grant for travel opportunities. C. Shea , grant will support pen pal project with Spanish student

Mid terms next week

Informational meeting here tomorrow for EF tour to Costa Rica

Lottery is Friday – Thursday is cutoff date

Update from Treasurer Dana Soderberg

  • 3 scholarships at $500 to be given out this month

Update from SPA President Tom Fink:

  • SPA space is done. We’ll look at it after the meeting

Update from Secretary Katherine Joyce

  • Talked about the new website. Would like to get it done quickly so that the Auction can use it.


  • Gave out baskets to the schools with fresh produce, coffee, cheeses, etc for the teachers
  • There was a successful Christmas stroll
  • There may be a dance this weekend

Sean Randall auction update

  • The Auction is March 3rd at Cape Cod Resort and Conference Center
  • Last year’s auction was a huge success at Tommy Doyle’s
  • Email went out to Sturgis students & family
  • Need advance tickets sold online
  • Would be good to to upload the materials on the site
  • Sean solicited for volunteers for various committees and assignments

Auction volunteers as of January 9:

Auction Item Procurement

  • Katherine
  • Debb


Ticket Sales



  • Jean Brennan


  • Andrea Bass is coordinating
  • Steve Brennan
  • Bob Shields
  • Jean Brennan


  • Marybeth McLaughlin
  • Malinda Dixon
  • Katherine Joyce
  • Jean Brennan


  • Erhan Tenali
  • Grace Chan
  • Debbie

Check in

  • Beverly Moller
  • Debbie Luke

Check out

  • Malinda Dixon
  • Norbert Brown


  • Bob Shields
  • Peter Dixon