January 6, 2014

Meeting started at 6:10pm.

President’s Report (Sean Randall):

  • Sean spoke with Eric Heiser. The midterms have been delayed due to the weather. Everyone should have gotten an email.
  • Mr. Stedman is stepping down from being a principal. The principals are on contract. Mr. Heiser just signed a contract. Mr. Stedman will be leaving for Brazil to teach. Mr. Marble will be around for a while. There are very few faculty that will be leaving this year.
  • There’s a school in Hadley that is Chinese-based who will be visiting on Thursday.
  • Harvard visited and will be devoting a chapter about Sturgis on charter schools.
  • Sturgis was accepted by PISA for grade 10. The national charter alliance CHOSE Sturgis to participate.
  • SPA gave Sturgis a 20k check for STEM. Mass Biotech council just gave Sturgis 100k for STEM. According to Mr. Heiser, this makes the original 20k go much further.
  • There seems to be no difference between East & West in terms of testing, such as MCAS. This is great news.
  • Mr. Heiser will offer graduation seats again. Graduation will be on May 31.
  • About the Sturgis Board… The Board just finished a new description which just went out on the last newsletter. They’re responsible for financial and legal aspects of the school. They hire the headmaster, but that’s it for faculty. They have a finance committee. They meet the 3rd Monday of the month and are open to anyone.
  • Sean will look into the Photobooth for the prom. It is doubtful that SPA will support more than that.

Auction Report Update (Sean Randall):

  • Need help with promotion – including invitations to VIP types.
  • Need help with entertainment. Ideas like a close-up magician or having paid karaoke.
  • Pretty good at procurement, but need unique stuff. Trying to find more experiential items. Need to get stuff in early.
  • Need to get sponsorships. Someone needs to be the point person.
  • Perhaps an icebreaker for new parents.
  • Will purchase the Auction software again
  • Next auction planning committee meeting will be January 23rd at 6:00 at Bobby Byrne’s in 6A

Treasurer’s report (Dana Soderberg):

  • SPA has $13,013.04 in the bank.
  • Dana will pursue finding out about the students that will be getting money.
  • The arts festival is budgeted for 4,000. Jean will check about whether Sturgis has held the Cotuit Arts Center.

Meeting over at 7:23pm

Minutes by Katherine Spencer-Joyce