Jan. 12, 2015

Attending that signed in:

Catherine Thomas, Kristine Jackson, Robyn Hardy, Theresa Collucci, Vicky Dauphinais, David Kaczmarczyk, Katherine Spencer-Joyce, Karen & Dave Whitney, Deverie Barrera, Jennifer DOherty, Deb Booth

Meeting started at 6:00

Welcome (President Sean Randall):

  • There was an inquiry about a West after-prom. Sean asked for very specific information, and the students may present at a future meeting.

Old Business:

Facebook: There is a Sturgis Parents Group so that parents can post questions. Catherine will have the administration send out the link to all parents.

Calendar Update: Set up meeting dates.

Boxwood Night: The night was great and there was probably 20 parents there. It was really fun. Social events are paid for by the parents.

Funding Request: We get a lot of requests from teachers for money. Discussion ensued on how we can manage the process. The administration said that teachers need to go through them before SPA, but that isn’t happening. Sean suggested that we make things a little more clear in terms of when teachers ask for reimbursement.

New Business:

The seniors want to put together a celebration luncheon after their mock exams. A student asked for SPA to help fund this event. Some parents discussed enabling them to set up a “perfect pot luck” for them to use. We then discussed ways that SPA can fill in the gaps. We’ll wait and see if they need help. Sean would like to authorize $100 in case they need more food, drinks, or supplies. Kristine will follow up with Patrick about how this will work.

A student, Katie Curran, received a $500 and gave it to SPA.

AUCTION! Brainstorming ideas

  • Sean wants to make it our 5th annual auction for $50,000. We need more people to spearhead groups.
  • Challenges: Early sales of tickets, online tickets worked best
  • Displays at school: Kids tell their parents about
  • Momentum with the website
  • The night of the event: Last year was the best!
  • Quantity: We need 300 people there. Most of the time we get around 220.
  • Bid Boards: The more people at the boards, the better
  • Slideshow for auction items on SmartBoard
  • Sean has procured sheet music for Sweet Caroline, framed, and signed by Neil Diamond
  • Maybe a little bit of entertainment that ties into what we’re doing. Acapella, comedian, etc.
  • Get alumni there and talking (and buying)
  • Sandwich sign: Putting a sign out where the kids are dropped off so that parents see the auction is coming up. Perhaps the student council can help.
  • Sturgis Treasure chest: Sean is looking for unique ways of making money.
  • Fund-a-cause: Will there be one this year? It was generic last year.
  • Sean wants to reach out and contact the ones who spent a lot of money.
  • Honor the people who have given so much to the auction.
  • Invite Charlie Baker (new MA governor) to the Auction. Invite Keating, Wolf, and other VIPs.
  • Try to get “Spaceman” Bill Lee at the event.


  • The Hyannis Christmas Stroll was an enormous success, proving that Perfect Pot Luck is the perfect venue for the parents to use.


Meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm

Minutes by Katherine Spencer-Joyce