February 4, 2013 Minutes

Attending that signed in:

Tom Fink, Dorothy Lindlau, Dana Soderberg,  Pamela Lopez, Debbie Murphy,  Eric Nemes (recognized),  Sharon Kaczmarczyk, Catherine Thomas, Dessie Longinidis (recognized),  Debb Kochka, Jean Brennan,  Sean Randall (recognized), Heather Swenson, Cameron K Blomdahl, David Kaczmarzyzk (recognized), Julie Malloy (recognized).

Meeting started at 6:10

 President  (Tom Fink):

Tom Fink formed the Nominating Committee to accept nominations for elected positions, interview candidates, and formulate a slate of officers for the upcoming one year term. It was stipulated:

  • the slate as a whole would be voted on ANNUALLY at the May SPA meeting Election of Officers
  • Officers would be installed in June.
  • The positions to be included in the slate are President, VP of East and VP of West, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  • Membership volunteers were accepted from the floor.  Accepted to the Nominating committee were: D Kaczmarczyk, D Kochka , P Sweeten, C KBlomdahl, and T Fink.

Also created through volunteering was the By Law Committee.  This committee will establish by-laws for future SPA groups to follow.  Members of this new committee are:  E Nemes,  S Randall, D Kochka, D Luke Murphy, C KBlomdahl.

Tom approved Catherine Thomas as new VP West and Jennifer Dougherty as Hospitality Chair-West.

Treasurer’s report (Dana):

Credit cards are reserved for the auction.

Fees are reasonable to enable people to charge-thereby ensuring more purchasing power to auction attendees and more revenue for SPA

Motion to dismiss at 7:20

Minutes by Debbie Luke Murphy