Feb. 10, 2014

Attending that signed in:

Sharon Kaczmarczyk, Jean Brennan, Jennifer Doherty, Christine Johnson-Staub, Dana Soderberg, David Kaczmarczyk, Deb Booth, Leslie Milsted, Alan Milsted, Sean Randall, Elaine Donoghue, Katherine Joyce

Everyone introduced themselves.

Meeting started at 6:05pm.

Principal’s Report (Pete Stedeman):

  • There’s a lot going on at both campuses. Poetry Out Loud is happening this week. Students are selected and then move on.
  • Students are participating in the PISA test. Sturgis was selected to be part of the American enterage. 15-year-olds were chosen.
  • 100k was granted to Sturgis science program with Dr. Gilligan as the lead.
  • Seniors have just completed the IOC.
  • Model UN is going to NYC soon. Approximately 40 students are going.
  • Theater performances are sold out! The performances will go to the state drama festival.
  • West is taking a group in February to Habitat for Humanity in Michigan. Brrr.
  • An outing club is going to the Everglades in Florida.
  • Progress Reports are going out on the 28th of February. Quarter 3 ends on April 4.
  • This coming Wednesday is the last East/West basketball game.

Questions… Sean Randall inquired about how someone asked about funding a bus trip. Sean requested that people who ask for funds from SPA go through the Administration first.

President’s report (Sean Randall):

  • Funding allocation for the Arts Festival. Historically, the students had a difficult time fundraising for it. It was agreed that SPA would fund this and kick in an extra 200 for food.
    • Sean motioned that SPA funds the Arts Festival and an extra 200 for incidentals, including food.
    • Elaine Donohue seconded.
    • All in favor. Passed.
  • SPA spent 1,000 last year on Photobooth for the Prom. A lot of students go to the prom. West has a parent who runs Photobooth, so they’ve asked that in lieu of that, they get the money anyway.
  • Sean suggested that SPA gives 800 to each school and they spend it as they wish.
    • Dave K. motioned that SPA give $1,000 to each school to spend as they wish.
    • Christine seconded the motion
    • All in favor. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s report (Dana Soderberg):

  • $1,500 was given out for scholarships
  • Selling snacks brought in nearly $900, and that pays for the the teacher’s coffee and condiments.
  • Still have 12,475.14 in the bank.
  • Dana feels very comfortable with the amount of money left in the bank.
  • $3,600 is still in the budget for the Arts Festival
  • Asked about a gift to Pete Stedman. A discussion ensued, and we’ll discuss closer to May/June.
  • For the Auction, Dana is comfortable with the credit card system we have been using.

Secretary’s report (Katherine Spencer-Joyce)

  • Requested an email list so she can send the minutes out
  • Katherine asked about whether SPA finances should be added to the website—both what is in left in our account, as well as what SPA has funded this year. Christine moved to publicize SPA’s funded activities for the year. This would include naming specific areas of funding, but would not put actual numbers next to those funded items. Jean Brennan seconded. All in favor.

Auction discussion (Elaine Donahue):

  • The first item has come in for the auction!
  • Will try to limit the silent auction items and the baskets
  • Sean has a few items that came in
  • 4 passes to the Kennedy Museum was procured by Alan Milsted
  • Use the Blue donation form and make sure that it remains with the donation. An attached business card would be good as well.
  • Hoping to get as many items as possible on the website before the auction.
  • This year we’ve got an absentee form as well. There will be a proxy for the absentees.
  • Broken down donations by village, and different SPA members have been assigned to lead. Elaine will send the list to put online.
  • Bank gift cards are helpful.
  • Anything under 50 may go in with other items. Hopefully there will be something for everyone.
  • There is a room in West for donations, as well as the one in East.
  • Elaine gave out the tickets for SPA members to sell. Very important to make sure all information is on the stub so that it can be entered into the Auction software.
  • Captain’s Members receive two tickets to the auction, and Elaine will email them.
  • SPA decided that the faculty will receive one free ticket, but will need to pay for their spouse.
  • Sean suggested experiential gifts, like a one-hour donation of ice time, for example. Experience stuff goes well. Two hours of recording studio went really well.
  • Dave got more volunteers for Check in.
  • Paul Donohue will do Check Out/Bidboard.

Hospitality report (Sharon Kaczmarczyk)

  • East/West is putting on the Coffee and Poetry is at West
  • May 10 East at Cotuit Center, and May 17 West at Cotuit Center
  • Spring on Main Street is coming up
  • Need co-chairs for the Hospitality for East

Meeting over at 7:23pm

Minutes by Katherine Spencer-Joyce