December 5, 2011 Minutes

Meeting on December 5, 2011

In attendance: Tom Fink, Dana Soderberg, Andrea Bass, Debbie Luke, Julie Munson, Sharon Kaczmarczyk, Eric Nemes, and Katherine Joyce

Meeting started at 6:09 PM

Last meeting discussion update

  • Minutes accepted
  • Stroll on Saturday, December 3 was well received. Elizabeth Warbain emailed to thank Sturgis for the stroll. Lots of cookies and face painting, carolers and elves. Tremendous participation.
  • West School was delivered bales of straw. Perhaps a gold shovel day next week. JK Scanlon will be building the school. The new school is expected to be done by the end of July for the 2012-2013 school year. They’re not planning to use all the rooms for budget reasons, but will buy when the school reaches full capacity.
  • Today, Sturgis East hosted a visiting poet Christine Rathbone (SP?). This is a yearly occurrence.
  • First enrollment period has begun. Already 100 students have applied. First informational evening is this Thursday, the 8th. Two more informational sessions are coming. Not hosting too many shadows at West because it won’t be the school they will be going to.
  • 627 students between East & West. Well above budget for the year.
  • This Friday is a professional half-day. Mid-terms will be the same for both East and West.
  • Exams 17-20th in January after the holidays.
  • Had a successful Fall sports program in terms of participation. Large turnout for winter sports as well. More West students would like to be part of the cheerleading squad than East, despite the amount of girls at East. Had a great year in terms of sportsmanship and winning.
  • Eric thanked Sharon and Jean Brennan for their behind the scenes work on the stroll.

Update from Eric Nemes (Booster Committee)

  • 5 or 6 met about the booster club. (KJ note: can we upload word documents?)
  • Eric suggested this information go out to the Parents at large
  • Two months worth of snack receipts
  • Dana donated 100 of his own money
  • Predicts that the Auction Committee will be looking for help and money

Update from SPA President Tom Fink

  • Hospitality – Thank you to all the parents for such wonderful cookies!! People were asking if they could pay for the cookies.
  • The next hospitality function is the auction and then the arts festival. End of the Year Dinner follows.

Motion to dismiss at 7:02 PM

Minutes by Katherine Joyce