Dec. 1, 2014

(Awaiting approval)

Attending that signed in:
Sean Randall, Theresa Colucci, Katherine Spencer Joyce, Catherine Thomas, Christine Johnson-Staub, Kristine Jackson

Meeting started at 6:00

Welcome (President Sean Randall):

  • There was an inquiry about a West after-prom. Sean asked for very specific information, and the students may present at a future meeting.

Headmaster’s Report (Paul Marble):

  • East/West productions of a Midsummer Nights Dream went very well.
  • First of 4 information sessions for interested 8th graders. This is the first year for online applications. Jan 6/7 is when the enrollment period closes.
  • Winter sports have begun, and there is a lot of student interest.
  • Seniors have started hearing from colleges.
  • This Friday is a half day.
  • Seniors can attend the EE session this Friday.
  • Winter Concerts: Tuesday for East, Thursday for West.
  • Bart Wiseman is the new band leader for East.
  • 11th graders get to talk to Alumni next week
  • Sean asked how much the EE is part of the IB diploma. Mr. Marble explained that it’s part of the entire portfolio. It ends up being a bonus. They must be completed, however.

Elaine Donoghue (treasurer)

  • Everything has been paid this year
  • The Ryan King scholarship is being paid for by SPA. Why is that?
  • Elaine asked about Boys and Girls State. A student needs to be sponsored by the Legion Post. SPA agreed to sponsor a girl and a boy from each campus.
  • It was agreed that we need a receipt within 30 days of purchase.
  • Sean asked if Elaine could find out if the Resort and Conference Center has the check, and Elaine confirmed that they had deposited it.
  • Jim A. sent SPA a bill for coffee, which is $3,000 per year. Sean mentioned that he didn’t think SPA should pay for that over other items. Everyone in the room agreed, however, we agreed that we would pay $1,000 for the existing bill.
  • We should be good for the year until the auction. We’ve got about $7,000 until then.

Katherine Joyce (Secretary)

  • Issues with domain mapping on the web site
  • Katherine discussed next year, and the need to figure out a way to pay for the site moving forward, and try not involve specific parents as they move on as their children graduate. It was agreed that Katherine would see if Sturgis administration may be able to help with continuity.

Vice President Catherine Thomas

  • Handed out Spirit Card that was printed by Vista Print. Catherine suggested that we give them to parents rather than making them become members, but that we would hand them out at Convocation.
  • Boxwood Night is this Thursday from 6-9pm

Theresa Colucci, Hospitality

  • The Christmas Stroll is this weekend. There was a lot of people who signed up to provide information. There may be a radio host there. The stroll is from 10am to 2pm.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm

Minutes by Katherine Spencer-Joyce