April 2, 2012 Minutes

Meeting on April 2

(Awaiting approval)

Meeting started at 6:00pm

Attending that signed in:

Tom Fink, Debbie Murphy, Sharon Kaczmarczyk, David Kaczmarczyk, Dana Sodererg, Eric Keiser, Angela Ackerman, and Katherine Joyce

March Meeting Minutes accepted

Eric Hieser Update:

  • Have had several visitor schools come in and look at the IB – Chinese Immersion School from Hadley, MA
  • Tomorrow is IB mock exams – this is a practice so the students know what to expect for the real exam. Two tests a day for the next three days. They use actual old exams, and these will also count as final exams.
  • This Thursday is the poetry coffee house at 5:00 at the Culture Center in South Yarmouth.  Students & faculty read poetry written by themselves or others. Raffle prizes, etc.
  • The foundation will be poured next week and the modules will be arrive 8 – 10 a day in the first weeks of May. There will be 2 months to do various buildings and should be done by the end of July. There will be parity with East in terms of classroom sizes and technology, except it will be new.
  • Grades closed last Friday. They should be coming out at the end of this week.
  • The Arts Festival is coming up on the 28th of this month. The Hospitality committee will take care of the food. It is held during the day from around 9-5 at the Cotuit Center for the Arts.

President’s Report (Tom Fink):

  • Recommended that next year we have an After-Prom committee that is run by SPA in conjunction with the Prom Committee.  Eric recommended that we email the parents of juniors & seniors next year to gauge interest. With the deposit, Tom asked Ryan’s Amusement if we could get credit.
  • What is going on with West SPA and how that works with East SPA. Tom mentioned pulling West & East SPA committees together.
  • Tom talked about transportation for athletics. Hieser will bring this up with Andre.
  • Tom has suggested that Debbie Murphy, Finance Chair Committee be in charge of taking solicitations for money from SPA.

Treasurer’s report (Dana Soderberg):

  • The auction brought in 21,049. We also received a special donation for specific use.
  • The auction needs more volunteers next year for everything to run even better.

Secretary’s report (Katherine Joyce):

  • There was a request from the Administration as well as parents to provide a parent directory for both East and West schools. We need to discuss the best way to do this. For now, we may get the list, and choose an opt-out ability for the parents if they don’t want to be listed.
  • There was a request from parents about remote access to the SPA meetings. We discussed options such as Skype and GoToMeetings to allow parents the ability to participate.
  • There was discussion about how much financial information to post on the website concerning how much money SPA has made and what SPA has spent money on so far this year. (Note: Debbie Murphy has provided information to post)
  • We also discussed content related to the auction. This should be forthcoming from Sean Randall or Debb Reade-Kotchka.

Meeting adjourned at 7:00pm

Minutes by Katherine Joyce