After-Prom Committee

SPA encourages anyone with ideas about the After-Prom to come to the monthly meetings.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee prepares the budget for the upcoming and current school year to provide input into how the SPA money should be spent. SPA members attending meetings ultimately determine SPA fund allocation. Membership relates to positions (officers and several committee chairs) as individuals and may change.


  • Sean Randall
  • Catherine Thomas
  • Kristine Jackson
  • Elaine Donoghue
  • Katherine Spencer Joyce
  • Debbie Booth
  • Theresa Collucci

Hospitality Committee:

The Hospitality Committee provides beverages and snacks at many of the SPA sponsored events.

East Members:

  • Theresa Collucci

West Member:

  • Debbie Booth

Publicity Committee

Auction Committee

  • Sean Randall, East
  • Catherine Thomas, West