SPA 2016 logoWelcome, parents to the Sturgis Community!

The Sturgis Parents Association, also referred to as SPA, warmly welcomes all parents back to Sturgis! For any family new to Sturgis, SPA is a not-for-profit organization made up of current and alumni parents, from both East and West campuses.

In an effort to help parents navigate the upcoming school year, we’ve provided a Sturgis events calendar, along with descriptions, that are organized and sponsored by SPA. Many of these time-honored traditions are eagerly anticipated by our Sturgis students, faculty and families.  These events would not happen without the dedication and support of parents from each Sturgis class; therefore, it is important for parents of both campuses to get involved.

Come be a part of this great community by joining the Sturgis Parents Association, volunteering and supporting our students and faculty.  Together, we will make this a wonderful Sturgis experience for our senior students.  Best wishes for a great academic year!

All the best,

Kristine Jackson

Sturgis Parents and Alumni Association, President


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Sturgis Parents Association Group News & Parent Forum

Sturgis Parents Association Carpool Group

The Bridge Bus Parent’s Group (commuter school bus)


Sturgis Parents/Alumni Association Officers – 2016/2017


Kristine Jackson, President                              (508) 736-7761                       jacksongimene@gmail.com

Elaine Donoghue, Vice President (West)      (954) 240-7291                    laineydonoghue@hotmail.com

Soraya Shenker, Vice President (East)           (508) 274-5938                   sobash22@gmail.com

Robyn Hardy, Treasurer                                    (781) 361-1617                         robyn02360@yahoo.com

Diane Coellner, Secretary (East)                       (508) 542-8358                    dcoellner@comcast.net

Carol Taylor, Secretary (West)                           (781) 813-3381                       cc_taylor@verizon.net

Theresa Collucci, Hospitality Supervisor         (508) 737-4918                    nailsbytheresa1@gmail.com

Dianne Smith, Hospitality Chair (East)            (857) 829-0471                    abcdsmith72@msn.com

Carmel Watson, Hospitality Chair (East)          (508) 833-2380                   carmsamkim@yahoo.com

Tina Andre, Hospitality Chair (West)               (508) 572-6935                     rtandre17@verizon.net  

Anne Blackwell, Hospitality Chair (West)        (508) 317-6063                    anneb910@comcast.net

Deb Booth, Hospitality Alumni                          (508) 292-3261                      boothfamily5@comcast.net


SPA 2016-2017 calendar

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